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Tantra; Masculine & Feminine

Tantra; Masculine & Feminine

Let’s talk about Tantra. Because frankly, it offers some gold nuggets of wisdom to relationships, and who doesn’t want to enjoy deeper pleasure and intimacy in life.

We hear the word tantra and our minds go straight to strange positions and kinky sex.. Surely there is more to this practice? Way more. Tantra is a deep and ancient practice that’s not actually about performance or moves in the bedroom at all, it’s about creating polarity in a relationship, building sexual energy (which is actually just energy) rather than giving it away, and bringing consciousness back to the present moment by focusing on the subtleties. A practice of finesse.

Tantra is just that, a practice; something to learn and cultivate. Think of tantra as a way of relating to yourself, a way of communicating, and a way of experiencing intimacy with the world. This may mean more juicy sex, but it mostly means more presence and consciousness, which when brought into one’s sexuality tends to equal yumminess.

Here are a few key concepts & practices to help you understand the mystical & misunderstood tradition of Tantra:

  • Polarity: At its heart, tantra is based on the 2 primal archetypes of the masculine & feminine and how these forces play with one another. Masculinity & femininity are independent of gender, they are 2 ends of a polarity that are attracted to one another, and we all express & embody aspects of them in our lives in different ways. Tantra is based on the balance of the polarities.
  • Attraction: Opposites attract as all life is seeking balance and equilibrium; without wholeness, life itself is unstable. Tantra teaches that the masculine is attracted to the feminine, and the feminine is attracted to the masculine. This doesn’t mean men & women, remember. We all embody aspects of masculinity & femininity.
  • The Masculine is all about purpose and bringing things to a close, to once again return to emptiness, stillness. Masculine is consciousness itself and works in linear motion.
  • The Feminine is all about energy, the flow of movement, and emotion. Feminine is fullness & expression.
  • Embodiment: This one’s kind of self explanatory; how to embody fully these aspects of ourselves without projecting forward, dwelling on the past or disassociating from the present. Tantric practices teach this.
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