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Herbal Synergists

Herbal Synergists

Syngery is the combined & additive effects of something.

In herbal medicine, synergy involves the blending and melding of plants to potentiate effects. This could mean making active apparently inactive constituents or altering the way absorption happens. It could mean reducing the toxicity of some components or reducing the resistance of various cancerous or bacterial agents. Syngery can also result in a generalised enhanced potency the herb’s power!

Synergy is under-utilised in Allopathic medicine, which has permeated out into other Western modalities. Reduce and define.

Western medicine aims to make smaller and smaller, to nut out the ins and outs of the individual components. This offers great value in the research and medical field. In the body however, we are not singular, we are synergistic. In the ancient arts of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), synergy is about zooming out, harnessing not only the power of the whole plant, but the combined powers of multiple plants in one blend. This is an art, and a science.

“Results have revealed that the multi-component nature of medicinal herbs makes them particularly suitable for treating complex diseases and offers great potential for exhibiting synergistic actions.”

Consequently, this is why we love our liquid herbal blends here at Maple St. Using ethanol as the solvent, these extracts grab and preserve a broad profile of a plant. It then acts to preserve them in the one of the most therapeutically available forms. No fillers, binders, or extras. No need to dissolve cellulose caps in your stomach first or separate the fibroid fillers from the medicine. Most importantly no standardisation to just one component of the plant, which is the case for many tablet extracts. Also, the ethanol carries this plant spirit right into your blood, a very close comparison to the whole living plant, just so potent you only need a few mLs rather than many grams of fresh herb. Customers can buy herbal liquid blends in our clinic.

What happens when we standardise a medicine? You favour known actives in the plant, at the expense of thought-to-be ‘inactives’. What synergy has shown us, however, is that some of these ‘inactive’ components are actually enhancing and balancing the effects of other components.

Take Cannabis sativa as an example. Cannabinadiol (CBD) is now known to be an incredibly powerful cannabinoid that activates the para-sympathetic nervous system. It is also an anticonvulsant. CBD is now used to treat epilepsy with amazing results straight away, reducing seizures by 42% in one trial. It also helps to negate and sedate the stimulating qualities of tetrahydracannabinol (THC), which is another more known about component of the plant. CBD used to be considered an inactive component. Now it is a god-send.

Therefore, leaf it to the plants!

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